We don’t believe in sustainability. We believe in responsibility. We all have a responsibility to our planet to minimise our impact, to help in the fight against climate crisis. 

We create our products responsibly to minimise our environmental footprint to ensure our business is good for our planet. 

We know that we don’t have all the answers. We look to our strategic partnership with Brunel’s Environmental Management Department to help us assess the environmental impact of our practices.



Our aim is to create products that don't harm the planet or the people who inhabit it. All of our products are chemical free, vegan, non-toxic, plastic free, palm-oil free and home compostable.

Bide doesn't require water to manufacture and mostly uses energy generated from the home manufacturer's bodies to make our goods. We constantly re-buy to minimise wastage, hence why the subscription model is so important for our stock forecasting. 



Our raw materials are sourced from Leaping Bunny certified UK suppliers.

We only use vegan, non-toxic raw ingredients. The majority of which are food-grade.

We use no palm oil or false fragrances; we gently fragrance our products with essential oils.

All of our ingredients are gentle on humans and animals alike.

We have nothing to hide, you can find a full list of all ingredients on the back of every one of our products. Safety data sheets are also available here.



Our fulfilment centre is located in a multi-occupied building which reduces our energy consumption. Our distribution management team is located within 5 miles of our centre.

We are located next to a train station and bus stop so that any visitors can readily use public transport to travel.

We choose to keep very little stock and we don't turn to big factories to order, to minimise wastage. This also means that we can minimise the footprint of our centre which minimises carbon output.

We re-use all boxes and packaging received from our raw ingredient suppliers. Any waste is recycled (2 sacks per week). We currently only generate one general waste sack per fortnight, which is disposed of in biodegradable refuse sacks.



All of our products are packaged in 100% pre-recycled and home compostable materials.

Pouches: The outer material is made from recycled kraft paper, the inner from plant cellulose and the zipper is 100% plant based starch.

Labels: are un-glossed, fully biodegradable and printed using plant based inks

We have also launched XL versions of our products to allow bulk buying, reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Boxes: are 100% pre-recycled cardboard. We have chosen extra-strong boxes so that you can reuse them again and again.

Filler: we only use cornstarch packing peanuts which can be dissolved in water or composted.

Tape: our parcels are secured using gum-based, 100% recycled kraft tape.

Leaflet: we have designed a 2 sided packing leaflet using recycled kraft, un-bleached paper. You will not find a unique packing slip because we are minimising paper use.



We deliver our Bide parcels to your front doors using Royal Mail. Their vans are likely to already be delivering letters to your home, and therefore we are sharing carbon miles. They do not have a 100% electric fleet.

We have ambitions to move to 100% electric end mile delivery but we can’t do this until we grow.

We operate a no export policy; shipping internationally will undo the ‘environmental good’ our products achieve. Our global expansion will see you replicate our UK model in each local market; creating truly local products from local communities.

We have already made significant changes to help minimise our environmental impact and our focus is to continue to do so wherever we can. We hope you will join us on the journey.