Our values: Empowerment, Transparency, Kindness

About Us

Bide is a for-profit social enterprise producing the next generation of consumer goods which deliver big social impact. We are B Corp certified and our entire range has been awarded Ethical Consumer Magazine's top billing.

Our cleaning and body care products have been handmade by members of your local communities that have previously struggled to find work.

But we aren’t here to simply make products, we are here to be part of a movement that will transform our ecosystems.

Our system is designed so that our entire supply chain benefits from our success as a business. The more product we sell, the more work we can give marginalised people. Scaling enables us to buy raw ingredients more cheaply which empowers us to make our products more affordable. We believe that eco goods cannot be a middle class privilege.

We are building a system that rips up the rule book on manufacturing. We are moving production to within 30 miles of consumption. Reducing the carbon impact of our production and distribution but also investing in hyper local economies.

This is in stark opposition to how big businesses operate.

It takes a lot of bravery to back businesses that are truly pushing sustainability and social justice.

So thank you for the part you are playing by being here and supporting businesses like ours to thrive

- Amelia, Founder

Bide is a B Corporation Social Enterprise
Bide addresses 2 major challenges

Exponential growth in unemployment rates, expedited by COVID-19 and the climate crisis calling for mass adoption of sustainable practices.

Bide was formed to find a solution to produce goods that are environmentally safe and have positive social impact.