Sustainable Advent Day One: Parcel Fastening

Sustainable Advent Day One: Parcel Fastening

The first in a 24 day line-up of sustainable tips on all things festive.

It is estimated that the UK alone will get through 400 million rolls of sticky tape over the Christmas period. Save on using tape to fasten gifts and instead collect fastenings from incoming parcels.

String on food boxes, hessian grasses from bunches of flowers, ribbons from last years decorations, remnants of balls of wool. 

Become a fastening hoarder!

Not only will you help reduce waste by not using tape, you will also add a design finesse to each of your wrapped Christmas gifts. There are many alternative ways to hold your parcels together.

For those with the time, use fabric remnants to wrap presents and fix with a button or two. Newspaper makes a great sustainable wrapper and can be fastened with reused butchers string.

Top it off with a gift label cut out of an old 🎄Christmas card!


What are your favourite sustainable wrapping hacks?


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