Plastic Free Tip 6

Plastic Free Tip 6

Can you compost the waste you produce?


A great way to assess how much plastic and other waste you produce each day is to perform the compost test.


For one day set aside your rubbish. Including wrappers, food waste, packaging, ties on bread bags, teabags………..


Then at the end of day take a look at your waste pile and determine how much of it could be composted. In other words how much of the waste you produce could naturally degrade as opposed to needing chemicals and machinery to break it down or repurpose it.


Its all too easy to throw plastic into the recycling box and hope for the best that it will be transformed into your next juice carton. But the reality is many of the plastics we use in our day to day to lives such as plastic films and meat trays will never reincarnate.


Food contamination or films clogging machinery are the some of the reasons much of our plastic ends up in landfill. 


Head over to @simply_sustainable_living where recycling specialist Em has expert insight into optimised recycling.


If you determine that a lot of your waste could be composted then bravo and get composting!!

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