Plastic Free Tip 5

Plastic Free Tip 5

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Need a wardrobe upgrade or want to celebrate the festive season with some new party wear?


Don’t go to your usual online retailer and buy something new. Try buying pre-loved.


There are such a wide choice of online options to find second hand clothing. From the biggies such as @ebay_UK  and @georgeatasda to the middlings such as @oxfamonlineship to the little local pop-ups or swap markets.


bide founder @amelialagammon exclusively buys her clothes (and her family’s) second hand. 


Here are her top tips:


  • Look through your wardrobe and find the brands that best suit your style/figure. Focus on searching for items from these labels
  • Visit your favourite online store to see in-trend styles and new brands. Then search for these on pre-loved sites
  • Be specific in your search criteria e.g. if you are looking for a T-shirt enter search terms for the colour, sleeve length, neckline and material
  • Look at a sellers other items, if they are selling an item you like they may well have a similar style to you and have more clothes to your taste
  • Ask your friends if they have what you are looking for and do a clothes swap


Need inspiration? @miquitaoliver is a pre-loved ambassador and always rocks her second hand style, follow her feed for inspiration

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