Plastic Free Tip 3

Plastic Free Tip 3

When you wash your clothes, you may be inadvertently using Plastic. 


Here are 3 sources of plastic in your wash:


  1. Detergent packaging: traditionally, laundry detergents are packaged in plastic based materials. 
  2. Laundry capsules/pods are often encapsulated in PVA film
  3. Micro- plastics released from your clothes that contain Lycra or Polyester



The answer?


  1. Swap your conventional detergent to a plastic free version such as our bide eco laundry powder which arrives in a fully compostable bag. Better still refill in your local refill shop.
  2. Invest in a mesh bag to use in every wash to catch micro-plastics
  3. When you next buy new clothes, avoid plastic-based materials or buy pre-loved versions



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